Leadership Training & Development

Define the Way is a creative and innovative training and coaching organization. We provide our clients with sustainable and measurable results while enhancing their business culture. Our clients experience higher sales revenue, improved levels of communication, enhanced accountability, and increased profitability.

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Emergenetics Profile Assessments

Emergenetics is the leader in team building profile assessments and combines not only thinking attributes but also the understanding of behaviors. Emergenetics is a neuroscience based tool that will assist organizations in developing Better Team Work, Greater sales and outcomes, Better Decisions, a Clearer Understanding of Strengths, and a Plan of Action to Enhance productivity. Emergenetics is a sustainable and unique tool that has proven to be successful in thousands of companies.

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Our Mission & Purpose

Define the Way is a creative and innovative training organization. With passion and enthusiasm, we work in partnership with our clients to assist them in achieving sustainable and measurable results with increased profitability.

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Why Our Training Works

Studies have shown that each person learns differently. There are basically three ways to learn...Hearing, Seeing or Experiencing. Experiential training creates greater clarity and sustainable results. People may remember 10% of what they Hear, 25% of what they See, yet 95% of what they Experience. Each client is unique and each training is designed specifically for that client and their needs.

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Corporate Training

Who trains the trainers? We have an array of programs which are thought provoking, hands-on and highly effective. Each program is specifically designed to address the needs of each client. Our clients have experienced enhanced communication, increased sales and greater team performance. Through our creative and personalized training, our clients develop ways to continually measure success and reinforce progress.

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Emergenetics Profile Assessments

Emergenetics is truly an amazing and energizing workshop that continues to “Wow” our clients. With Emergenetics, you can experience interactive, thought-provoking communication applications, all geared to gain a contextual ability to view how others think and behave, appreciate different perspectives and build on others’ strengths to fill in gaps and create a more cohesive and productive environment.